This is the place where shame comes to die.

Many, many, many of us carry guilt over sexual experiences in our past. Maybe it’s from a particularly rebellious phase, or an experience that was not our choice, or trying to please our partner(s), or compulsions that went beyond our comfort level, or just plain lust leading to decisions we regret.

There are a million reasons and a billion stories.

The Sexoneration Project exists to let you write a letter to your younger self, showing her the grace and unconditional love of our Savior, setting her free from the shackles of shame to become whom He created you to be. Embrace your story, and let our Restorer fill it in a new way to empower you and bless others. No sin is unforgivable, no experience is irredeemable, by the One who died for them all – and us all. And your younger self still needs to hear that.

Read others’ letters, and share your own through our submission guidelines.

“…and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32a

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